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HB 4093 aims to safeguard private health care information by assuring that individuals have more control over their data before it is collected, stored, shared or sold to others. Take action in support of this bill!

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Support HB 4093!

As a constituent concerned about protecting personal privacy, I write to urge you to support and sponsor House Bill 4093, the Protect Health Data Privacy Act. Data about our health is among the most personal, private information about an individual. Today, there are dozens of programs and apps that collect and catalog that data.

Entities that collect health care data can currently share the information with third parties without any restrictions. That lack of regulation means that our data could end up in the wrong hands.

HB 4093 gives the control over our data to consumers in this state – requiring entities that collect and share this data to disclose the specific types of data being collected, if the information is being shared with the third parties and get a person’s consent before they collect, share, sell or store that data.

Please support HB 4093 to safeguard this critical health data for every Illinois resident, and significantly reduce the likelihood that anyone’s sensitive health information ends up in the wrong hands.


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