Protect People in NC Prisons from COVID-19


During this time of crisis, Governor Cooper needs to hear from North Carolinians who want incarcerated people, medical staff, and correctional officers to be protected from COVID-19. It is essential that Governor Cooper follows the recommendations from public health experts to stem the spread of the coronavirus in our communities.

Just as Governor Cooper has taken bold action to limit public gatherings, he must also take bold action to reduce the number of vulnerable people held in our state's prisons by utilizing his clemency powers and expediting release and parole to the elderly and at-risk people in our prisons.

People living and working in prison are uniquely vulnerable in this moment of a public health emergency. Close quarters, lack of access to hygiene supplies, and inadequate medical care place them at high risk of illness from COVID-19. North Carolina's prison population includes many elderly people, people with asthma, people who are pregnant, teenagers, and other folks with pre-existing health conditions.

Tell Governor Cooper: We need to act now to stop the spread.

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Dear Governor Cooper,

The spread of COVID-19 to people living and working in our state prisons is inevitable. As your constituent, I am urging you to take further action to protect the lives of North Carolinians by reducing the risk of contagion in our prisons.

Please commute the sentences for older and vulnerable people with compromised immune systems, anyone who is within 12 months of release from their active sentence, and to anyone currently being held on a technical violation of probation or parole.

For the sake of our communities, to every extent possible our prisons should not needlessly keep people incarcerated who are vulnerable to COVID-19. We urge you to take immediate and decisive action now to save lives.


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