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This year’s legislative session is ending in just a few days and legislators still have work to do to secure New Yorkers’ privacy and curtail mass surveillance.

TAKE ACTION: Don’t let lawmakers go home before passing these three critical bills.

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Protect NYers' Privacy
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With the legislative session about to end, there is more work to do. I am writing to demand you do your part to secure New Yorkers’ privacy and curtail mass surveillance by passing these three bills before you leave Albany.

1) Protect NYers' vaccine-related info.
As our state continues to re-open, many New Yorkers remain wary of getting the jab. Some fear that being vaccinated will mean their personal information could end up in the hands of ICE or the police. Meanwhile, rapidly proliferating vaccine passports – which are required to enter more and more public places – threaten to cut the most vulnerable off from society.

Lawmakers need to pass legislation to knock down barriers to vaccination, including by making sure personal information people share to obtain a vaccine is kept safe. Legislatures also must make sure there are safeguards in place so that vaccine passports – which collect lots of our personal information and are increasingly required to take part in everyday activities – don’t become another tool that disproportionately hurts the people who have suffered most throughout the pandemic.

2) Stop police use of biometric surveillance.
Biometric technology – like facial recognition – is unreliable, invasive, and prone to error, particularly when it comes to recognizing children and people with darker skin tones.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t kept law enforcement from adopting it. S79/A5492 would pause biometric surveillance and establish a task force to study the accuracy, effects, and implications of biometric surveillance technology.

3) Keep NY out of ICE’s cruelty.
For years ICE has tried to divide us, determined to cruelly target immigrants and separate families. ICE continues to pressure local law enforcement and local government agencies to search for, arrest, and deport people, and to separate families who are part of our New York.

Keep New York’s state and local resources out of ICE’s cruelty by passing the New York for All Act (S.03076/A.02328).

I urge you to act on these bills before the clock runs out.


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