Demand Congress Give COVID-19 Relief to Everyone Living in the U.S. – Immigrants Included

Trump's executive orders fail to protect our health and future as a country. Tell your Senators that they must do their jobs and ensure testing and treatment for everyone who needs it — regardless of their immigration status.

Failing to do so puts all our lives at risk.

Message Recipients: Your U.S. Senators

Immigrant families being denied COVID-19 relief
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COVID-Related Care for All in the Next Relief Package

As your constituent, I am urging you to expand access to testing, treatment, and cash assistance in the next COVID-19 relief bill. 
To contain this pandemic, the Senate must close the gaps in the federal government’s COVID-19 relief response efforts. Immigrants are serving so many vital roles on the frontlines, including as medical and health care workers caring for COVID-19 patients. All the while, many of these essential workers do not have access to testing and treatment or cash assistance.
It is both irresponsible and morally unforgivable to pass relief bills that fail to recognize that every person’s health impacts our country’s ability to contain the pandemic and that every family’s financial stability is critical to restoring our economy. This should not even be up for debate.
The Senate’s response now must be as holistic as possible. Make sure the next COVID-19 relief bill includes everyone, regardless of immigration status, so that we may protect the future of our country.


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