People who have been incarcerated need their drivers’ licenses!

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Pennsylvania law requires the Department of Transportation to suspend a person’s driver’s license if they have been convicted of a drug offense. This suspension lasts at least six months, is often longer, and occurs even if the person’s offense did not involve the unsafe operation of a vehicle.

This law is unreasonable and is yet another example of wrong-headed thinking toward drug use. If a person has been incarcerated, a driver’s license will be one of the most important documents they’ll need to get their life back on track. By taking that license away, the commonwealth creates a barrier to viable employment opportunities and the ability to participate in family life, creating another challenge in re-entry to society after prison.

House Bill 163 would solve this problem by repealing the license suspension from the law. The bill is currently before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Please tell your state representative to vote YES on HB 163!

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People need their drivers’ licenses. Vote YES on HB 163!
Dear Representative,

The House of Representatives will soon vote on House Bill 163. Introduced by Representative Rick Saccone, this legislation ends the unfair practice of suspending the driver’s license of a person convicted of a drug offense. This law creates a significant barrier for a person who is recently released from prison and for someone who is on probation or parole. Please vote “yes” on HB 163.

It is time for Pennsylvania to be smart about criminal justice policy. Please vote “yes” on HB 163.

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