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No one should be profiled for the way they look or the language they speak. Yet, local law enforcement collaboration with ICE’s deportation machine has encouraged racial profiling against immigrant communities and fostered distrust for local police. We cannot allow police to racially profile “immigrant looking” people.

Immigrants have constitutional rights in the United States and our legislators need to ensure that law enforcement will protect their right to due process, end racial profiling, and build community trust. We need to begin to repair the fractured relationship with the immigrant community and law enforcement. The community’s public safety depends on it.

Tell our legislators that they have a duty to defend the rights of all, that includes immigrants. Vote YES on the Trust Act (HB 304 / SB 88).

Please take action now.

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Maryland State Delegates and Senators

Pass the Trust Act - Defend the rights of immigrants in our communities (bills HB 304 and SB 88).
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Dear Maryland Delegates and Senators,

Immigrants are facing dangerous racial profiling at the hands of ICE. This type of racism breeds distrust and a reluctance to call the police which does not make our communities safer. As a resident of Maryland and your constituent, I am concerned about this public safety issue. I urgently ask you to support the Trust Act (HB 304 / SB 88) bill that would halt law enforcement’s collaboration with ICE.

Immigrants are welcome here and their safety should be a priority to all.

Please don’t just support the Trust Act bill, advocate for the safety and wellbeing of Maryland immigrants. Actively challenge any attacks to the immigrant community and strongly promote and defend the Trust Act (HB 304 /SB 88).


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