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HB 3071 updates Illinois’ sexual health education standards to give young people the information and tools they need to support responsible and informed decision making about their health and well-being throughout their lives. Make your voice heard in support of this bill!

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Young people in every part of Illinois need the most current and comprehensive sexual health education in order to develop the knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions throughout their lives. Those standards currently are antiquated and out-moded. They are not serving all students by providing the information they need.

The Illinois Healthy Youth Act (HB3071) addresses this deficit. It would build on the current standards for health and sexual health education by aligning Illinois with the National Sex Education Standards to provide young people in Illinois with a full toolbox of knowledge and skills.

The Healthy Youth Act expands the current requirement that instruction be medically accurate, developmentally and age appropriate to include instruction that also is culturally appropriate.

The bill also critically ensures that sexual health education in our state is inclusive and affirming of young people who have historically been invisible or stigmatized, including LGBTQIA and pregnant and parenting youth.

I urge you to sponsor and support the Healthy Youth Act.


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