Pennsylvania is on the verge of real voting reform


Pennsylvania hasn’t had serious, positive reform to its election law in decades. Now, a bill moving through the General Assembly will modernize voting rights in the commonwealth and will implement reforms that voting rights advocates, including the ACLU of Pennsylvania, have pushed for years. Your state representative needs to hear a clear message from you, asking them to vote YES on Senate Bill 421.

This legislation updates Pennsylvania law in several key ways:

  • It creates a process to allow anyone to vote by mail without needing to justify it with a reason.
  • It shrinks the voter registration deadline from 30 days before an election to 15 days.
  • It extends the deadline to submit a completed absentee ballot to 8 p.m. on Election Day; that deadline is currently 5 p.m. on the Friday before the election.
  • It appropriates $90 million for counties to upgrade to voting machines that will include a paper trail.

Despite some flaws, this bill would be a major victory for modernizing Pennsylvania's election system. The ACLU of Pennsylvania’s voting rights agenda is more expansive than what is in this bill; we also support early voting and Election Day voter registration. But we recognize this bill for what it is: a significant modernization of Pennsylvania’s election law.

This bill is already supported by members of both political parties. The time is now for voting reform in Pennsylvania. Contact your state representative and ask them to vote YES on SB 421.

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A bill being considered by the state House will realize the first significant reform to Pennsylvania's election law in nearly two decades. Senate Bill 421 is bipartisan election reform that modernizes how we vote in the commonwealth. Please vote "yes" on SB 421.

If this bill becomes law, all voters will benefit. Please vote "yes" on Senate Bill 421.


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