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Last year, politicians in Harrisburg passed a series of constitutional amendments that included dismantling voting rights in Pennsylvania through the implementation of a strict voter identification mandate and shifting oversight of elections from county election offices to a single elected official, the auditor general. The Office of the Auditor General has never before been responsible for oversight of elections and has no expertise on the issue.

To amend the state constitution, lawmakers must approve the amendments again in the legislative session that just began. That vote could happen as soon as this week.

Contact your state senator today to tell them to vote "No" on the amendments and to stop the ongoing assault on our democracy and our right to vote.

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The Pennsylvania Constitution should be a document that guarantees and expands people's rights, not narrows and denies them. Efforts by some in the state legislature to undermine our democracy by disenfranchising eligible voters through a strict voter identification mandate and taking the power of oversight of elections away from counties and putting it in the hands of the state auditor general are a brazen attack on the rights and liberties of every Pennsylvanian. Please vote "no" on Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 130.

I urge you to protect fair and free elections and vote "No" on SBs 1 and 130.


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