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Pennsylvania's probation system is broken and in desperate need of reform. Probation is a significant driver of mass incarceration in Pennsylvania, the state with the highest incarceration rate in the Northeast. Once a person enters the probation system, any number of minor rule violations can send that person to jail and keep them on probation indefinitely.

Unfortunately, legislation being considered in the state Senate, S.B.913, would actually deepen the probation crisis in the commonwealth.

Pennsylvania is one of just a handful of states that place virtually no limit on how long a person can be kept on probation. Some people can spend decades under supervision for a single offense. And, like all elements of the criminal legal system, Black and brown Pennsylvanians are disproportionately impacted by the broken probation system.

Contact your state senator today and urge them to vote no on S.B.913.

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I'm glad that both sides of the aisle in Harrisburg recognize the urgent need to reform Pennsylvania's broken probation system. Unfortunately, legislation currently before the state Senate fails to meaningfully reform probation. In fact, it will likely make it worse. Please vote “no” on Senate Bill 913.

I urge you to vote 'no' on S.B.913 and instead work towards meaningful reform of probation.

Thank you.


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