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It's no secret that there is a nationwide movement to undermine and try to remove from office the prosecutors who are pushing for decarceration, police accountability, and other vital reforms to the criminal legal system.

Here in Pennsylvania, politicians in Harrisburg have moved to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner after he won a landslide reelection last year. This impeachment effort is not rooted in any misconduct or crimes committed by DA Krasner or his office. Rather, it is a cynical political move to oust an elected official with whom they disagree on criminal legal reform.

A majority of members of the state House from both parties have voted to hold Krasner in contempt while he challenges a subpoena issued by the same politicians. Moving to quash a subpoena is a common legal practice and well within Krasner's rights.

These politicians, from both parties, have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the law works.

Contact your state rep today and tell them to stand against this effort to overturn a free and fair election and contribute to attacks on a prosecutor who is challenging mass incarceration and police misconduct.

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Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner won reelection in a landslide last year, but some politicians in Harrisburg are working to overturn the will of Philadelphia voters by trying to impeach him. Not because of any misconduct or crimes committed, but because these politicians will do whatever they can to undermine and oust a prosecutor who is challenging the status quo of mass incarceration and police misconduct.

There is no justification for this sham impeachment effort. The vast majority of Philadelphia voters supported Krasner's reelection and efforts to remove him from office are a result of real progress he's made towards decarceration, holding police accountable, and reforming the criminal legal system.


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