Stop the PA House's Latest Attempt to Expand Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

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In the Pennsylvania House, facts apparently don't matter. The facts are that mandatory minimum sentencing has no impact on crime, deterrence, or recidivism. And yet some state representatives keep going back to their old, tired playbook, like a builder who only has one tool.

In the latest version of this folly, the state House will vote on two bills this week to create new mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of certain offenses while possessing a firearm. And one of those bills will make it nearly impossible for people merely accused of certain offenses to be released before trial, forcing them to prove their future actions before they've even been convicted of a crime that allegedly occurred in the past.

So much for "innocent until proven guilty."

These bills are a recipe for further bloating the populations of Pennsylvania's state prisons and county jails. The votes on this legislation could come as soon as Tuesday.

Contact your state rep and tell them to vote "No" on new, longer mandatory minimum sentences.

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This week, the state House may consider two bills to expand mandatory minimum sentencing. Research shows that mandatory minimum sentencing doesn't work. By adding more years to existing criminal sentencing, this legislation will bloat prison and jail populations. Please vote "no" on House Bills 1587 and 1590.

The facts are these: The criminal offenses that are covered in House Bills 1587 and 1590 already have lengthy sentences in existing law. Expanding the mandatory minimum sentences for these offenses won't impact crime rates. But these bills will impact the populations of state prisons and county jails. Vote on facts. Vote "no" on House Bills 1587 and 1590.


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