Protect the independence of Pennsylvania's courts!


Courts play a critical role in our democracy. As a co-equal branch of government, the courts provide a check on the legislative and executive branches and are often the best, last defense of civil liberties.

Some state legislators want to rewrite how Pennsylvanians elect appeals court judges and justices, dividing the state into geographical judicial districts and ending our current practice of statewide elections.

These extreme lawmakers are not supporting this for some high-minded purpose; they're mad because they don't like some of the state Supreme Court's recent decisions, particularly those that protected and enhanced Pennsylvanians' voting rights.

If this state constitutional amendment passes, it would give the legislature excessive power over the courts, allowing lawmakers to influence when current judges and justices will be forced off the courts and to draw districts that are to the legislators' liking.

The state House could vote on House Bill 38 soon. Tell your state rep to vote NO!

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Protect the courts. Vote "no" on HB 38.

The state House is currently considering a constitutional amendment to replace the statewide election of appeals court judges and justices with a system of geographical districts. This proposal is unnecessary and will make it more difficult to elect the most qualified people to the courts. Please vote "no" on House Bill 38.

The debate over this constitutional amendment is an issue of maintaining the integrity of our democracy. Please vote "no" on House Bill 38.


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