Stand for real probation reform. Tell your senator to vote NO on making the probation system worse.

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For years, Pennsylvanians have been pressing the state General Assembly to deliver on real probation reform. We're pushing for changes to probation that create a fairer system, that balances both accountability and the opportunity for people caught up in the criminal legal system to have a second chance after their interaction with the state.

Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania Senate is again failing to deliver on that pressing need. The Senate is currently considering a bill that makes many changes to how probation is practiced in the commonwealth, with a vote on the bill potentially imminent.

The bill trades one terrible system for another. While the legislation, Senate Bill 913, eliminates vague language that judges often use to incarcerate people for simply failing to follow the rules of probation, it also repeals language from the current law that establishes a presumption against incarceration for probation violations. The bill also specifies a wide range of reasons why a person could be incarcerated for violating probation, creating a situation in which the exceptions become the rule.

Finally, SB 913 creates an entirely new form of probation – "administrative probation" – for people who have failed to pay their restitution. People who fall into this category could be on probation indefinitely, with no consideration for their financial circumstances. It's another form of punishment for people who live in poverty.

We and more than 50 organizations opposed to this bill know what good probation reform is. This isn't it.

Tell your state senator to support real probation reform and vote NO on SB 913.

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Pennsylvania is in desperate need of reforms to its probation practices. Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of probation and parole supervision in the country. That keeps people trapped in the system, unable to get their lives back on track. Unfortunately, a bill currently before you, SB 913, fails to deliver real reform. Please vote "no" on the bill.

The state Senate should be tackling ways to make the criminal legal system fairer and less oppressive. Senate Bill 913 fails to do that and may actually make probation worse. Please vote "no" on SB 913.


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