Defend Democracy. Tell the PA Senate to End the Election Review Scam.

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Under immense political pressure, elections officials in Pennsylvania carried out a safe, secure, accurate election in 2020 and then followed it with a successful primary election in May 2021.

But instead of applauding them for their hard work, some state senators are still insisting on reviewing the last two elections, while casually tossing about rhetoric that erodes confidence in democracy.

We can't let them get away with it. Some Harrisburg politicians are answering to a small, loud tyrannical mob. Never mind that candidates from both major parties, up and down the ballot, won their races for elected office last year.

Every county conducted a mandatory statistical recount after last year's general election, and 63 counties participated in a risk-limiting audit with the Department of State, a pilot program that is considered a best practice in election audits. Those reviews established that Pennsylvania's election results were accurate.

But some state senators are chasing ghosts and phantoms, looking for anything they can find to undermine voters' confidence in the results.

Don't let them get away with it. Tell your state senator that you oppose the Senate's sham election review.

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The 2020 election has been over for months. The results were reviewed by credible experts and were found to be accurate. That's why it is confusing that the Senate is undertaking its own election review. I hope you agree with me that the Senate’s review is a waste of time.

A fundamental value of democracy is that candidates accept the results, win or lose. The Senate’s election review threatens confidence in elections, while every credible piece of evidence shows that we should be proud of our county and state elections officials for their hard work. I hope that you’ll stand up against this election review scam whenever you have the chance to do so.


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