Pennsylvania needs meaningful probation reform. H.B.1555 would make the broken system worse


There is bipartisan support for meaningful probation reform in Harrisburg, but an amendment passed by the state House Judiciary Committee has stripped away the most significant elements of the House bill, H.B.1555, and added dangerous provisions such as warrant-less searches without even reasonable suspicion. If the amended bill passes, Pennsylvania's already broken probation system will only get worse.

We can't allow this to happen.

Contact your state representative and urge them to oppose H.B.1555. 

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I’m writing today to urge you to vote "No" on H.B.1555. Pennsylvania is in dire need of probation reform, but H.B.1555 would make an already broken system much worse.

Probation is one of the biggest drivers of Pennsylvania’s mass incarceration crisis and is in desperate need of reform. Unfortunately, the amendment passed to H.B.1555 makes that broken system even worse.

Please vote “No” on H.B.1555 and instead work towards meaningful reform.


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