Urge Philadelphia City Council to Support and Fund the Citizens' Police Oversight Commission

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On Election Day in 2020, more than 500,000 Philadelphians voted to support an independent civilian police oversight agency. As a result, a bill currently being considered by the city council and Mayor Kenney would create a Citizens' Police Oversight Commission (CPOC).

The bill under consideration would give the CPOC investigatory powers, the authority to participate in charging decisions and to act as administrative prosecutor during disciplinary hearings, and to recommend to the police commissioner what type of punishment should result from an officer's misconduct.

After the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Walter Wallace, Jr., Daunte Wright, and Adam Toledo, cities throughout the country have examined the future of policing. Philadelphians joined this national movement and voted for stronger oversight and public accountability.

Given the long and disturbing pattern of Philadelphia police committing acts of violence and other abuses against Philadelphians, particularly against Black and brown residents, true accountability is far overdue.

Contact the Philadelphia City Council and urge them to support and fully fund the Citizens' Police Oversight Commission.

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As a Philadelphia resident, I urge you to support a sufficiently funded Citizens' Police Oversight Commission and fulfill the will of more than 500,000 voters who cast ballots in support of an independent civilian police oversight agency last November.

The Citizens' Police Oversight Commission must receive funding that is equivalent to at least 1% of the budget of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Please support Bill 210074 and ensure that the Citizens’ Police Oversight Commission is fully funded.

Thank you.


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