Tell your state rep: PA probation reform should help fix the system, not make it worse

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Pennsylvania's probation system is in desperate need of reform.

With this deeply broken system, some might argue that something is better than nothing when it comes to probation reform in Pennsylvania. But when that something makes the system worse, such "reforms" must be voted down.

That's why we're urging state reps to oppose S.B.913.

Any meaningful probation reform must include a cap on the amount of time a person can be sentenced to probation. Pennsylvania is one of just a handful of states that fail to impose caps on probation sentences. S.B.913 does not include such a limit on probation terms.

The proposed law would also allow judges to keep people on probation indefinitely because of an inability to pay restitution.

Tell your state rep to vote 'no' on S.B.913.

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I'm glad that both sides of the aisle in Harrisburg recognize the urgent need to reform Pennsylvania's broken probation system. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 913, currently being considered in the state House, fails to meaningfully reform probation. In fact, it will make a broken system worse. And, like every element of the criminal legal system, the brunt of what is most problematic with S.B.913 would fall disproportionately on the shoulders of Black Pennsylvanians.

Please vote "no" on S.B.913.

When it comes to probation reform, we can't make the system worse and call it reform. I urge you to vote 'no' on S.B.913 and work towards meaningful reform.

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