Tell Montgomery County Commissioners to Give Two Top Public Defenders Back Their Jobs


With no warning in late February, Montgomery County Commissioners announced the termination of the county's top two public defenders, Chief Dean Beer and Deputy Chief Keisha Hudson.

In early February, the defenders filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of the public defender's office that was critical of the use of cash bail in Montgomery County, in an ACLU-PA case challenging the use of cash bail in Philadelphia. Less than a month after filing that brief, they have been fired.

Mr. Beer and Ms. Hudson have been immensely effective in providing defense to those who cannot afford private counsel. They deserve their jobs back.

Message Recipients:
Valerie Arkoosh, Montgomery County Commissioner Chair
Kenneth Lawrence, Montgomery County Commissioner Vice-Chair
Joseph Gale, Montgomery County Commissioner

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I’m writing today to urge you to give Dean Beer and Keisha Hudson back their jobs. They have shown a deep commitment to indigent defense in a state that all too often punishes people for being poor.

Please give Mr. Beer and Ms. Hudson their jobs back. Montgomery County is worse off without them at the helm of the defender’s office.


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