End police violence in Philadelphia


Walter Wallace, Jr. was unjustly killed at the hands of the Philadelphia Police Department this week while he was experiencing a mental health crisis. The police failed when they made no attempts to de-escalate the situation - instead, they decided to use lethal force, killing a Black Disabled man who needed help. State violence cannot be the answer to societal problems that deserve a fairer, more thoughtful, more compassionate approach.

Though Philadelphia has tried reforms that rely on more training for police, this training did not prevent officers from killing Walter Wallace, Jr. More training for police is not the answer. Police themselves are not the answer. It's time to remove police from responding to mental health crises altogether.

We cannot rely on police to respond to people in crisis – their responses have been shown to cause harm instead of help. Without change, they will continue to fail and damage our communities. Knowing this, we can no longer tinker around the edges and invest money in incremental reforms we know do not work. Police cannot and will not ever be equipped to help people in crisis. It’s time for the city of Philadelphia to end its reliance on the police in these situations.

Join us in demanding that our city officials divest from the Philadelphia Police Department and invest in community-based services and responses for people in crisis. There are sensible public health alternatives to police, and we need them to be implemented in Philadelphia immediately with full funding and staffing. We deserve public investment in life-affirming supportive services, not the life-threatening responses that time and again have led to injury and death.

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Mayor Jim Kenney
The Philadelphia City Council

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