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Our parole system is broken. Marylanders should be able to have a second chance and not die in prison.

Maryland's parole system is politicized right now and it should be based on merits and rehabilitation. Thankfully, the General Assembly passed SB 202 to take the politics out of parole in Maryland during the 2021 legislative session. Sadly, Governor Hogan vetoed the bill. Now, we need our legislators to override this veto during the special session in December.

Tell legislators to override the veto and support SB 202 to take the politics out of parole in Maryland.

Please take action now.

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Maryland State Delegates and Senators

Take Action: Tell your legislators to override Gov. Hogan's veto - Vote YES on SB 202. Image shows portrait photos of Marylanders featured in ACLU-MD's parole report.
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Dear Maryland Delegates and Senators,

I want to thank the General Assembly for passing legislation to take the politics out of parole in Maryland, Senate Bill 202. Now, I need you more than ever to override Governor Hogan’s veto during the special session this December.

Parole reform is not just a matter of fairness, but also one of racial justice. In our state, 77% of Marylanders who are serving life with parole sentences are Black, but Black people only make up 30% of Maryland’s population. Black people are kept in prisons at higher rates and for longer periods than any other race, despite their demonstrating their total rehabilitation, which is racist and unfair.

Our parole system for Marylanders given parole-eligible life sentences has been broken for a long time. Our state is one of only three states in the nation that requires the Governor to approve the recommendations of the Parole Commission before a person may be paroled. This injects politics into a system that should be based on only the merits and rehabilitation of a person.

Let’s finally take the politics out of parole and make it about merit and rehabilitation. Vote to override the Governor’s veto. Vote YES on SB 202.


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