The Power of Second Chances for Oregon Youth


Governor Kate Brown just signed the historic juvenile justice reform bill — Senate Bill 1008 — into law, ensuring that our youth justice system focuses on education, rehabilitation, and opportunity, not prison.

Oregonians believe that our youth justice system should focus on prevention and rehabilitation, and value forgiveness and second chances. Senate Bill 1008 passed with bipartisan support. Now Oregon will end the practice of automatically trying youth as adults for certain crimes, will ensure all youth convicted of a crime will receive a chance at parole, and provide youth with the best chance to repair the damage they’ve caused, while also healing their own trauma and getting them the help they need.

Join us in thanking Oregon lawmakers for creating a youth justice system that matches our values.

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Governor Kate Brown
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Gov. Kate Brown singing SB 1008
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I’m writing to send a quick message of thanks as your constituent. By voting YES on SB 1008, you gave Oregon youth the power of a second chance. This monumental legislation will change the future of Oregon for decades to come, ensuring youth experience education, rehabilitation, and prevention instead of harsh prison sentences.


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