Oppose Efforts to Roll Back the End of Cash Bail


Throughout Illinois, many people are held in jail awaiting trial simply because they are unable to afford the monetary bond for their release. Money bonds often means that wealth, not innocence, determines whether someone is free or whether they are locked up as their case proceeds.

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Support the Pretrial Fairness Act
Dear State Legislator,

As a constituent I write to urge that you vote to protect the Pretrial Fairness Act from attempts to water down or repeal its full implementation. Following a relentless campaign of disinformation and misinformation about the ending money bond, we already have seen legislative proposals that would effectively gut the legislation and result in a pretrial system far more unjust than the current system. Illinois should not retreat on the path of reform.

Last year, residents and advocates across Illinois worked together to enact the Pretrial Fairness Act, committed to the idea that no one in our state would be jailed while awaiting trial simply because they cannot afford to purchase their freedom. Ending money bond and focusing judges’ pretrial decisions on risk instead of access to wealth will lead to improved community safety and make our pretrial system more fair. This is the policy we should pursue.

Full implementation of the Pretrial Fairness Act makes Illinois a national leader and will prevent families and communities from being destabilized by loss of jobs, homes, and custody of children due to wealth-based jailing, making all of our communities safer. Thousands of Illinoisans’ lives will be better as the result of this policy. I urge you to support it against specious attacks and outrageous criticisms.

Thank you for your time and your work to advance justice in Illinois.


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