Oppose Dividing Tennesseans Along Religious Lines


The Tennessee Senate is scheduled to vote on Monday, April 23 on a resolution, HJR 0037, that would amend the Tennessee Constitution to state that “liberties do not come from government, but from Almighty God.”
This resolution passed the House last year. If it passes the Senate next week then it will return in 2019, one step further in the process of becoming part of our state constitution.
Tennesseans hold a wide, diverse range of beliefs. Legislators should not make state residents who practice a range of religions, or no religion at all, feel like outsiders in their own state just because they do not share these politicians’ religious views.
Lawmakers should be focusing on real problems – things like addressing the opioid crisis, access to comprehensive healthcare, education and jobs. Not spending their time on unnecessary constitutional amendments that will only further divide Tennesseans along religious lines.
TAKE ACTION: Urge lawmakers to oppose this religiously-divisive constitutional amendment.

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