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The Oklahoma Legislature recently passed a series of bills out of committee that will seek to ban abortions in the State of Oklahoma. Many of these bills are copycats to the recent abortion laws passed in Texas, i.e., the infamous SB8.

Of these Bills, two have stood out as extremely concerning: HB4327 and SB1503. Both Bills outlaw abortions in Oklahoma, but also deputizes citizens as bounty hunters to anyone who carries out an abortion in the State.

We need you, our supporters and advocates, to take action now to stop these laws from passing the Legislature!

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I am a constituent who is extremely concerned about the advancement of several anti-abortion Bills making their way through session that threaten the right of all Oklahomans to make their own decisions about their bodies and their future.

In particular, if HB4327 and SB1503 were to take effect, it would force people to carry pregnancies against their will or, if they have the means, flee the state to get an abortion.

Abortion is essential health care. We all deserve to access the abortion care we need.

I urge you to NOT support HB4327 and SB1503, or any Bills that threaten Oklahomans reproductive freedom.


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