Tell Lawmakers to Advance the Ohio Fairness Act


No matter our differences, most of us want pretty similar things: to have a roof over our head and the opportunity to earn a living for our families.

But until Ohio legislators take action, our state law offers no protections to LGBTQ Ohioans in employment, housing or public accommodations. This means that currently a person can be fired, denied housing, or refused service simply because of who they love or how they identify. That is not the Ohio we want to live in.

With the recent introduction of the Ohio Fairness Act (Senate Bill 11), Ohio lawmakers have the opportunity to extend basic protections to the LGBTQ community. This bill would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

We need you to contact the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee Chair and Ohio Senate President and urge them to advance SB 11 through the committee process and onto the Senate floor.

Message Recipients:
Senator John Eklund, Chair of Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee,
Senate President Larry Obhof, and
My Ohio Senator.

Advance The Ohio Fairness Act
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Dear Senator Eklund and Senate President Obhof,

I am writing to urge you to advance SB 11, the Ohio Fairness Act, through the committee process. This bill would extend non-discrimination protections to cover sexual orientation and gender identity.

I urge you to schedule SB 11 for a proponent hearing, and pass it out of committee.


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