Tell Governor DeWine He Must Act Now To Stop Coronavirus In Ohio's Incarcerated Populations


Like you, the ACLU of Ohio is seriously concerned about the impact COVID-19 has on incarcerated Ohioans. We have taken numerous steps to share information, make recommendations, and learn more about what is going on behind bars. What is now abundantly clear is Ohio is systemically failing to adequately address COVID-19 concerns and realities for Ohio’s prisons, jails, and youth detention centers. We know the coronavirus spreads quickly in closed spaces like nursing homes and cruise ships. Incarceration facilities will be no different. We’re practicing social distancing on the outside. It’s impossible to practice on the inside.

The urgency of deliberate and thoughtful action cannot be overstated. Lives are on the line!

Sign our petition to demand Gov. DeWine take immediate steps to develop and implement a comprehensive, science-based action plan requiring Ohio prisons, jails, and youth detention centers (and related entities) to minimize the spread and impact of COVID-19 through quickly releasing certain members of these populations.

These problems can no longer be ignored and immediate action is needed.

Tell Governor DeWine, Ohio Department of Health Director Acton, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction Director Chambers-Smith, and Ohio Department of Youth Services Director Gies to direct their attention to prisons, jails, and youth facilities that have been neglected during this pandemic.

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Governor DeWine

Take Action - COVID-19 and Ohio's Incarcerated Population
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Dear Governor DeWine,

I urge you to immediately create and disseminate a plan of action to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19 for Ohio’s incarcerated population.

Limit the threats presented by this public health crisis and take decisive action to protect people currently incarcerated in Ohio.


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