Strengthen Ohio Elections, Amend & Pass SB 191


Ohio lawmakers are considering several legislative proposals to make improvements ahead of the November general election after a very chaotic and confusing Primary. It is imperative that the ultimate plan protect both public health and our democracy, without diminishing turnout or disenfranchising eligible voters.

The time is NOW – legislative action should be taken immediately so that there is sufficient time for implementation! We urge members of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee to act quickly and decisively to ensure Ohioans can safely exercise their fundamental right to vote this November.

Specifically, we ask that the following amendments be made to Senate Bill 191, and that the legislation advance out of committee:

  1. Provide prepaid postage and self-sealing return envelope for all absentee ballot requests and ballots;
  2. Accept all absentee ballots that are postmarked through Election Day;
  3. Refrain from discarding absentee ballots based on errors or technicalities;
  4. Permit more than one early vote center and secure drop box per county.

Take action NOW to strengthen Ohio elections! Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy – Ohio lawmakers must do everything in their power to ensure that the November general election is fair, accessible, and secure.

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I urge you strengthen, amend, and pass Senate Bill 191 to ensure all eligible Ohioans can participate in the November general election.

I urge you to advance Senate Bill 191 to protect the rights of Ohio voters.


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