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Cash bail creates a two-tiered system of justice in which people who can afford their freedom go home to their families, and those who cannot are forced to suffer in jail. On any given day in Ohio, there are as many as 12,000 people held pretrial! This causes devastating ripple effects for all of us.

  • Holding people in jail unnecessarily does not promote public safety.
  • Holding people in jail unnecessarily is not fiscally responsible.
  • Holding people in jail unnecessarily is expensive for the state and the individual.

What does promote public safety, fiscal soundness, and cost-savings? Bail reform. Real, true, bail reform. In fact, the findings in our new report reveal that if Ohio adopted common sense bail reform our state could save $199-$264 million PER YEAR!

Wealth should never determine anyone’s freedom, and we unnecessarily harm our neighbors and ourselves every day that we let wealth-based detention continue.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Ohio leaders that REAL bail reform saves money... big money.

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Dear Ohio Leaders,

Please read the ACLU of Ohio’s new report, "Ohio Could Save Big By Implementing Bail Reform: A Fiscal Impact Analysis," and support true bail reform to save our state up to $264 million every year.

As your constituent, I urge you to seriously consider prioritizing common-sense bail reform to save Ohio much needed tax-payer dollars. A new fiscal impact analysis, conducted by an expert economist over a two-year period, estimates that cost-savings could be up to $199-$264 million per year.

In a year where Governor DeWine proposed a $300 million cut to K-12 public school funding, $210 million from Medicaid funding, and $110 million from college and university funding to make up for the loss of tax revenue due to COVID-19, you and your legislative colleagues have a responsibility to review current systems for inefficiencies and waste, and determine where cost savings can be realized.

It is burdensome to me as a taxpayer to foot the bill for long, unnecessary jail stays for individuals who should be at home, in their communities, with their families before their trial date. Real bail reform will not only lead to a more just and fair Ohio, it will promote public safety and result in real, *nine-figure*, cost-savings.

Please read the report, "Ohio Could Save Big By Implementing Bail Reform: A Fiscal Impact Analysis," and help Ohio save up to $264 million per year.


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