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Senate Bill 55 will soon be voted on by the Ohio House of Representatives — it must be stopped immediately.

Senate Bill 55 would increase drug trafficking penalties by one degree if the offense takes place within 1,000 feet (or 3 football fields) of a treatment center. But here's the thing: drug traffickers are already punished with felony sentences in Ohio. This bill was specifically designed to put more people into Ohio's overcrowded prison system.

This bill alleges to focus on "predator" traffickers who target people in or near treatment centers; however, the bill does not require the defendant to know they are within 1,000 feet of a treatment center, or that the person they sell to is actually undergoing treatment at the location in question.

In larger urban areas where more treatment centers are available, like Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, and Dayton, SB 55 will create large swaths where anyone caught selling drugs will face increased punishment. All the prosecutor needs to do is break out a tape measure.

If passed, SB 55 will nullify many of the positive benefits that Senate Bill 3 or House Bill 1 would bring if enacted into law. This legislation is the epitome of the Statehouse to Prison Pipeline, and is the exact opposite of criminal justice reform, which lawmakers have publicly stated is a “priority” this session.

Urge your Ohio House Representative to vote NO on Senate Bill 55. They need to hear from you!

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Take Action - Reject Senate Bill 55
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