Protect Trans Youth


Ohio lawmakers are targeting trans youth with TWO ill-conceived and dangerous bills.

The first, HB 513 drives a wedge between LGBTQ youth and medical professionals by criminalizing doctors for providing medically necessary care for transgender youth. Among other things, this legislation will:

  • Prohibit evidence-based medical care based on the individual needs of trans youth in Ohio.
  • Criminalize doctors with third degree felonies who provide surgical care to trans youth.
  • Establish a 20-year statute of limitations on a civil course of action against doctors who offer care to trans youth.

The second, HB 527 the so-called "Save Women's Sports Act" – will exclude transgender students from participating in sports that match their gender identity.

  • School athletic programs should be open to ALL students. Participation in sports results in positive outcomes for students: better grades, higher educational and occupational aspirations, and improved self-esteem.
  • Excluding trans girls from participating in girls’ sports deprives them of opportunities available to their peers and sends the message they are not worthy of a full and social life.

It’s time to stop these shameful attacks on trans youth and focus on issues that really matter to the people of Ohio. Being a kid is hard enough. We don't need politicians making it even harder for kids who are trans and singling them out for increased bullying and harassment.

PROTECT TRANS KIDS: Tell the lawmakers sponsoring these bills to immediately withdraw support.

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Co-sponsors and joint-sponsors of anti-Trans bills

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Dear co-sponsors and and joint-sponsors of anti-Trans bills,

I urge you to withdraw your support of bills designed to discriminate against transgender youth.

I urge you to revoke support of these hateful, anti-transgender bills and stop them from moving forward.


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