Take Action: Make Ohio's Mayor's Courts Fair To All


Mayor's courts highlight some of the darkest truths about our criminal justice system. We uncovered many mayor's courts that were geared more towards turning a profit than delivering justice.

By definition, mayor's courts are local courts that hear traffic violations; however, in practice, many function by profiting off low-income communities and communities of color. To make matters worse, there is an inherent conflict of interest associated with these courts, because a mayor – who is responsible for the municipal budget and has substantial power over the police – can easily abuse their position to control a court that directly contributes to municipal revenue.

Revenue-driven mayor's courts punish people who cannot afford to pay their citations with additional citations, fines, driver's license forfeitures, and jail time. In doing so, these mayor's courts perpetuate a two-tiered system of justice that criminalizes poverty.

In summary, mayor's courts:

  1. Lack transparency and accountability
  2. Can prioritize revenue over justice
  3. Lack fairness

The ACLU of Ohio published a groundbreaking report revealing shocking data about Ohio's mayor's courts – urge your State Senator and State Representative to read it in full!

Send a message urging the Ohio General Assembly to read our report and make Ohio's mayor's courts fair to ALL!

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Take Action - Make Ohio's Mayor's Courts Fair To All
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Please read the ACLU of Ohio’s new report, "Off The Record: Profiteering and Misconduct in Ohio’s Mayor’s Courts," and make mayor’s courts fair to all.

Please read the report, "Off the Record: Profiteering and Misconduct in Ohio’s Mayor’s Courts" and enact the reforms recommended for the Ohio General Assembly.


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