ACT NOW: ICE Raided Another Ohio Work-site, Over 250 Immigrants Arrested This Month

Over 100 Ohio residents were arrested yesterday, June 19, while working at Fresh Mark, a meat packing plant in Salem, Ohio. Search warrants were also executed at other Fresh Mark locations in Massillon and Canton, Ohio. This is not about "law and order" this is part of the Trump administration's larger plan to decimate Latino communities, in Ohio and across the nation. The raids were a deliberate act of racial profiling. The systematic targeting of brown-skinned people is appalling.

If you aren't appalled you aren't paying attention, act now!

This is now the largest immigration raid in a decade, topping the Sandusky raid that occurred on June 5, when 114 undocumented residents were arrested and sent to detention centers. One mother from that raid was already deported to Mexico.

Dozens of families were torn apart and disrupted after the Sandusky raid. Dozens more families risk being torn apart if we stand by and let the Salem arrests and deportations fade into the distance without taking action. Children of workers who were arrested in Sandusky have been left without parents, children of workers who were arrested in Salem WILL be separated and left without parents and could be permanently separated from their loved ones—all without any opportunity to fight it. This is a pattern and we will not stand by and allow it to happen without a fight.

Tell federal legislators to stop all expedited deportations of those swept up in the Sandusky and Salem raids!

We said the Sandusky raid was just the beginning; unfortunately, we were right. We must draw a line in the sand now and tell our elected officials that we refuse to support President Trump's harmful, cruel agenda to deport Black and Brown immigrants.

Stand with us and the HUNDREDS of people captured in the Sandusky and Salem raids. We the people will not allow attacks on immigrant communities to go unchallenged!

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Don’t Let Trump Separate Ohio Families!
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I urge you to immediately contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement to prevent the expedited deportation of all workers detained in the June 19 raid in Salem, Ohio, AND the June 5 raid in Sandusky and Castalia, Ohio. Families risk being torn apart and lives ruined—all without the opportunity to consult an attorney or receive a full hearing in immigration court. Please contact ICE as soon as possible, as deportations could happen in a matter of days.

Please take action immediately and stop all expedited deportations of those detained in the Salem and Sandusky raids and any future wide-scale immigration raids.


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