End the torture of solitary confinement

Long-term solitary confinement is inhumane and its effects can be deadly.

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TAKE ACTION: Tell state lawmakers and Gov. Cuomo to put strict limits on the use of solitary and promote rehabilitative alternatives.

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End solitary confinement
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Long-term solitary confinement is inhumane.

It causes severe mental and physical trauma and the United Nations and other organizations have rightly called long-term solitary confinement torture.

I’m counting on you to help enact the Humane Alternatives to Long-term Solitary Confinement (HALT) Act. The bill would:

* Limit the use of solitary confinement in state prisons and local jails to serious behavioral infractions

* Prevent people from being in solitary for longer than 17 hours a day and no more than 15 consecutive days at a time or 20 days in a 60-day period.

* Prohibit the imposition of solitary confinement on special populations.

The bill would also promote rehabilitative and therapeutic alternatives to solitary and mandate public reporting on the use of solitary.

The HALT Act would put strict limits on solitary while making prisons and jails across the state safer for everyone. It deserves your support.


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