Share Your Story - Solitary Survivors and Loved Ones

If a single story has the power to change our hearts and minds, our collective stories have the potential to create lasting change. Imagine the stories of those currently being held in solitary confinement, those who have survived this brutal practice, and those of the families who have had to live with the fear, sadness, and uncertainty of having a loved one held in solitary, shared together, with a collective message; a demand for safe alternatives to this barbaric practice, an end to solitary confinement.

If you have been impacted by Nevada's use of solitary confinement, we want to hear from you. We hope to collect stories from those who have spent any amount of time in solitary confinement, from their family members and loved ones, and from current and former staff who have worked in solitary confinement units. We know that you are the experts of your own experiences and we hope to amplify your stories as we push for change.

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