No Spy Planes Over Baltimore


We can’t trust the Baltimore Police Department to protect our privacy. Tell Commissioner Michael Harrison you oppose the spy plane program.

Baltimore Police have a terrible history of racial bias and lack of accountability for abuses. It should be the last place to test a new mass surveillance scheme.

If the Baltimore Police Department moves forward with the spy plane program, Baltimore City is just the beginning. What happens here will determine what happens in the rest of the country. Persistence Surveillance Systems, the private company behind these spy planes, already has its sights set on other cities. Many of those cities have a majority of Black residents, too, and are places where activists have also been rising up to hold police accountable for abuse and killings by police.

Spy planes violate people’s rights and should never be used against our residents under the guise of public safety. We need to invest in Black communities and effective, grassroots-based solutions to attack the root causes of violence. Mass surveillance won’t make us safer.

Take action to say NO to spy planes over Baltimore.

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Police Commissioner Michael Harrison

No Spy Planes Over Baltimore
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Dear Commissioner Harrison,

As a Baltimore City resident, I oppose the Aerial Investigation Research spy plane pilot program.

Baltimore is the last place a spy plane program should be used. Our city has a terrible history of racism and lack of accountability for abuses by police, resulting in well-founded distrust of law enforcement. The Department of Justice Consent Decree showed that Baltimore Police routinely violated the constitutional rights of residents, especially Black and Brown residents.

The unprecedented AIR spy plane system would violate my rights by suppressing my free speech and assembly. And it would allow the government to do invasive searches of information about my movements without a warrant. Spy planes should never be used against Baltimore City residents under the guise of public safety. Baltimore should not be used as a test case for violating our privacy rights from the sky.

I urge you to stop the AIR spy plane pilot program in Baltimore City. We need investment in Black communities to end violence. Mass surveillance won’t make us safer.


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