No New Mandatory Minimums. Not Now. Not Ever.


HB 2036 is a dangerous, mandatory-minimum sentencing bill that will put people with substance use disorders in prison for years without treatment — and it just got one step closer to becoming law.

Tell your lawmakers to vote no on HB 2036.

Mandatory-minimum sentencing laws are a key driver of Arizona's mass incarceration crisis. Passing more of these laws will only drag us backward while inflicting real harm to people who need treatment, not incarceration. If this sounds familiar, it’s because powerful county attorneys advocated for a similar bill in 2018. We defeated the bill then and we can do it again with your help. HB 2036 is an outdated approach to opioid use that will only cause our already unsustainable prison population to increase and do nothing to keep our communities safer. Use your voice to make it clear: HB 2036 is not the right investment for Arizona's future.

Message recipients:

Governor Doug Ducey
Rep. Walt Blackman
Rep. Shawna Bolick
Rep. Jeff Weninger
Rep. T.J. Shope
Rep. Bob Thorpe
Rep. Ben Toma
Rep. Bret Roberts
Rep. Kelli Butler
Rep. Aaron Lieberman
Rep. Mitzi Epstein
Rep. Jennifer Jermaine
Rep. Jennifer Pawlick
Rep. Amish Shah
Rep. Jennifer Longdon

NO on HB 2036
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