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Title 42, a cruel policy initiated under Trump, strips people at the border of the right to seek asylum by expelling them to Mexico or their country of origin without any opportunity to seek protection under U.S. laws. After a recent review of the policy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found the policy is not necessary to protect public health and issued an order ending the policy effective May 23.

The decision to end Title 42 was a critical victory in our fight to restore the human right to seek asylum. But now, anti-immigrant lawmakers are attempting to override CDC and the Biden administration by passing legislation in Congress that mandates Title 42’s continuation. We must take action: Send our New Mexico Senators a message telling them thank you for standing strong against these attempts to reinstate Title 42.

Message Recipients: Senators Ben Ray Lujan and Martin Heinrich

Tell our Senators to stand strong against Title 42.
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I'm writing to you about Title 42, a harmful and ineffective policy that the CDC rightfully terminated effective May 23, after finding the policy is not necessary to protect public health. Thank you for your statement in support of ending Title 42 and please continue to fight for a fair and humane asylum system by voting against any attempts to reinstate Title 42.

The CDC was clear: Title 42 is not necessary to protect public health and should end. Thank you for not playing politics with people’s lives: Please continue to support the CDC’s decision to end the brutal, anti-immigrant Title 42 policy.


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