We're so close to restricting solitary confinement


In 2016, Governor Christie vetoed a bill to restrict the use of solitary confinement, saying solitary is “a problem that does not exist” in New Jersey.

Now, a similar bill is on Gov. Murphy’s desk. We need to make sure that, this time, it’s signed into law.

Gov. Murphy has an opportunity to make New Jersey lead the way on forward-thinking corrections reform and continue the national momentum to restrict solitary. Tell him to seize this historic moment and restrict this cruel practice in our prisons and jails.

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From now until early August, a historic opportunity is sitting on your desk. We need you to seize it and sign a bill the Isolated Confinement Restriction Act into law.

Make New Jersey a national leader in protecting civil rights and making smart justice reforms by making sure solitary confinement is used rarely, if at all.


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