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Transparency and government accountability are fundamental to democracy, but if Governor Murphy signs S2930/A4045 into law, the public's ability to access public records and hold government accountable will be utterly decimated in New Jersey.

Governor Murphy must protect democracy and reaffirm New Jersey’s commitment to transparent government and the public’s right to access public records by vetoing this bill.

Send a message to Governor Murphy urging him to protect government transparency and accountability by vetoing S2930/A4045.

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Protect government transparency; Veto S2930/A4045

There is no democracy without government transparency. By requiring overly specific information for requests, removing mandatory fee shifting provisions, and restricting access to emails and call logs, S2930/A4045 severely limits the public’s ability to access public information.

I’m urging you to protect transparency in New Jersey’s government, and veto S2930/A4045.

New Jersey must remain committed to the principles of democracy, including supporting the right of the public to request access to government information. You can reaffirm the Garden State’s commitment to transparent government by vetoing S2930/A4045.


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