Legalize cannabis with racial and social justice at the forefront


On November 3rd, voters made history by saying YES to legalizing cannabis in the Garden State. As New Jersey begins to legalize, New Jersey must repair the devastation wrought by the failed drug war on Black and brown communities, and forge an equitable future.

Urge lawmakers: It’s critical New Jersey legalizes the right way. That means we must decriminalize now, and pass legislation to implement legalization that centers racial and social justice.

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Last month, voters said YES to end the racially unjust harms of cannabis prohibition and demanded that New Jersey create a legal marijuana industry that includes and invests in communities harmed by the War on Drugs. Today, I’m urging you to swiftly pass cannabis decriminalization legislation (A1897/S2535) and amend it to reduce arrests right away, and to make sure that the cannabis legalization implementation bill (S21/A21) starts to provide relief for the communities most harmed by the drug war.

With every day that passes, hundreds more people suffer the consequences of our current cannabis laws. We cannot delay any longer. We must decriminalize now, and pass implementation legislation that centers racial and social justice.


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