Equal Access to Lawyers for People in ICE Detention Facing Deportation

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Immigration detention is cruel, unnecessary, and puts lives at risk. When people are detained and denied a lawyer simply because they can't afford to pay, they're less likely to win their freedom, reunite with their families, and face a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19.

We're urging the NJ Legislature to maintain $8.2 million in funding for the Detention and Deportation Defense Initiative (DDDI), as Governor Murphy did in his proposed budget. This program provides legal representation for detained immigrants facing deportation who can't afford a lawyer. Without this support, most will be forced to wait for their hearings in immigration detention and fight their cases alone. With lawyers by their side, people are more likely to be released on bond to await their hearings and win their deportation cases.

Urge lawmakers to maintain support for the state's Detention and Deportation Defense Initiative.

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New Jersey must maintain funding for New Jersey's Detention and Deportation Defense Initiative (DDDI), a publicly funded legal defense initiative that provides free legal representation for detained immigrants facing deportation.

Last year, New Jersey invested $8.2 million into this program and Governor Murphy has already included plans to continue this support in his proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

It's critical that we carry on the success of the state's universal representation program and show the nation what protecting the health, safety, and due process for all truly look like.

Please maintain $8.2 million in funding for New Jersey's groundbreaking universal representation program in the FY2023 budget. Our communities depend on it.


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