Urge New Jersey's Assembly: Act Now to Save Lives


People who are incarcerated in New Jersey prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities have died from COVID-19 at a higher rate than any other prison system in the country – in a state with the worst Black-white disparity in prison population.

The New Jersey Senate acknowledged the catastrophe happening in our state's prisons and passed S2519/A4235, a bill that expedites the releases of people who are nearing the end of their sentences. This bill will save lives – inside and outside of prison walls.

Now, it's the New Jersey Assembly's turn to pass the Public Health Emergency Credit bill in a package with re-entry relief, then deliver the bill to Governor Murphy's desk for signature.

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An ongoing public health emergency rages on in New Jersey’s prisons, where those who are incarcerated are dying at a rate higher than any state in the nation. You and your colleagues have already taken meaningful steps to protect the health of many New Jerseyans. Your colleagues in the state Senate have already voted to pass S2519 and save lives. Now, I’m urging you to use your power to prevent more deaths by reducing our state’s prison population and vote YES to A4235.

This is a matter of public health, human dignity, and racial justice. New Jersey has the worst Black-white racial disparity in its prisons out of every state in the country. The uncontrolled epidemic in New Jersey’s correctional facilities puts people of color at a disproportionately greater risk.

Please support the release of incarcerated individuals. Doing so is a matter of life and death.


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