Repair harms from cannabis criminalization in FY23 Budget

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Right now, lawmakers are deciding, for the first time, where tax revenue from cannabis sales for community reinvestment will go, how to ensure it serves justice, and most importantly, how it will benefit communities most harmed by the drug war.

The promises of New Jersey's cannabis law hinges on what our Legislature does next – and what the Legislature does depends on us. Urge New Jersey's elected officials to invest in resources that truly begin to repair the harms of decades of racially disparate enforcement of cannabis criminalization in New Jersey.

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As you know, New Jersey legalized cannabis for adult use in February 2021, after more than fifty years of marijuana criminalization. This historic shift in policy came in response to the racially disparate enforcement of marijuana prohibition and decades of harm to Black and brown communities across the state.

New Jersey's legalization model has the potential to begin to repair these harms through its historic community reinvestment provisions for the towns hit hardest by prohibition – 100 percent of the social equity excise fee on cultivators and almost 60 percent of cannabis sales tax revenue. That's why New Jersey must fulfill the promise of legalization and set a precedent for years to come by investing these funds in resources that truly begin to repair the harms of decades of criminalization and disinvestment.

By allocating funding for these programs, New Jersey can set a national example when it comes to marijuana legalization by supporting community reinvestment that centers equity and racial justice.


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