Advance Equity and Justice in the State Budget

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Every year during the state budget process, New Jerseyans get a chance to urge our elected officials to put our money where our values are. That's health, rights, and justice for all.

From access to counsel for people facing eviction to expanding our state's abortion care coverage for uninsured communities, we have some ideas on how to do just that. We have just weeks to urge our state's elected officials to allocate resources for the health, rights, and justice of all New Jerseyans – send a message today.

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A state's budget is a list of its most pressing priorities.

From increasing abortion access to ensuring due process for all, I urge you to put taxpayer money where our values lie: health, rights, and justice for all.

By allocating funding for these programs, New Jersey can set a national example when it comes to investing in our communities by building a state budget that centers equity and racial justice.


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