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We want to make sure you know: Abortion is and will remain legal in New Jersey even if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The recently enacted Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act protects the fundamental right to reproductive autonomy, including the right to abortion. But far too many New Jerseyans are still unable to access this essential health care – even with health insurance.

We must send a clear message: as a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices move to deprive half of the country of their reproductive freedom, here in New Jersey, we'll do everything in our power to protect it and ensure that abortion care is accessible to every person who needs one.

Tell Governor Murphy and the NJ Legislature to remove financial barriers to abortion care that make the right to abortion a right in name only for far too many Black, brown, low-income, and undocumented New Jerseyans.

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New Jersey's move to declare the right to reproductive autonomy, including the right to abortion, a fundamental right is an important first step.

We ALL have a right to abortion – without barriers, stigma, or government interference. Until we take meaningful action to expand access to abortion care, that right is only accessible to people who can afford it.

I urge you to take swift action to meaningfully expand access to affordable abortion care – through legislation and budgetary and regulatory action.

The gap in abortion access is a racial and economic justice issue, and that lack of access reinforces structural inequities that overwhelmingly harm communities of color and undocumented community members. We need to guarantee that abortion is not just legal, but accessible and affordable for all New Jerseyans, regardless of insurance, immigration status, or income.


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