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New Jersey has the opportunity to build real transparency and accountability to rein in police powers and reduce harms as we reimagine policing in the Garden State.

Tell lawmakers: New Jersey must take steps to advance significant police reforms to safeguard New Jerseyans, particularly communities of color that have historically been targeted by police with excessive, violent, and deadly practices.

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At a pivotal moment for our country, New Jersey has the opportunity to join the vanguard of police reform by advancing legislation to expand transparency and accountability in policing, allow for robust civilian oversight of the police, and limit the use of force leveraged against New Jerseyans.

I ask you to act on urgent community calls to confront systemic racial injustices, police secrecy and lack of accountability, and the use of chokeholds and deadly force by advancing this police reform platform:

New Jersey must take critical, urgent steps to reform police practices that shield misconduct, harm accountability and New Jerseyans, and perpetuate violence. The time for reform is now.

Please support this police reform platform and advance justice and community accountability.


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