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Recently passed by the state House of Representatives, the proposed state budget is in good shape (relatively speaking) when it comes to civil rights and liberties – and now it's headed to the state Senate.

It contains both critical public notifications for immigration checkpoints, as well as a new tracking system to enhance our bail system, and addresses concerns around knowing who is on bail and who is not. The House also removed a dangerous proposal that would have expanded policing and surveillance at our northern border, and they took out a significant portion that would have been used to expand incarceration in the Granite State.

We're watching closely to ensure that civil rights protections stay in, and that those that harm them stay out of the budget process – which is why your senator needs to hear from you today that you're doing the same.

Email your state senator now and ask them to support civil rights in the state budget!

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As your constituent, I urge you to protect civil rights in the state budget in four key ways: by supporting immigration checkpoint notifications and the real time bail tracking system, and by opposing any attempts to add back in to HB 2 the funds for expanding policing and surveillance at our northern border and funding for a new men's prison without first studying the future needs for incarceration bed space in New Hampshire.

Thank you, and please vote to protect civil rights in this year's state budget.


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