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SB 132 is a discriminatory and harmful bill that would force our local New Hampshire police to do ICE's bidding. It would necessitate that police engage in federal immigration enforcement, including aiding in the detention of individuals who the federal government is looking to detain.

Immigration detainers are not signed by a judge, do not go through due process, and are not related to criminal activity. Immigration detainer requests are when DHS asks local law enforcement to lock up a person without a warrant or judicial approval, merely based on the say-so of one DHS agent. DHS immigration detainers have often caused wrongful detentions, including detentions of U.S. citizens.

SB 132 is a threat to local autonomy and would restrict the ability for local law enforcement to make decisions regarding their own communities. NH law enforcement (and the tax dollars that fund them) should be able to prioritize the needs of our communities, and detaining individuals with immigration detainers does nothing to keep our communities safe.

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As your constituent I urge you to oppose SB 132, a bill that would force local law enforcement to prioritize federal needs above their own.

Please oppose SB 132 and prioritize the needs of our local communities.


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