It's Time to Legalize Marijuana in NH

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Are you one of the nearly 75% of Granite Staters who supports marijuana legalization?

Then it's time to tell your lawmakers: it is long overdue that they support the will of the people and vote to legalize marijuana – now.

Our state's continued enforcement against marijuana wastes valuable state resources and, has life-changing negative consequences for those disproportionately impacted. Around 1,000 Granite Staters are arrested every year for marijuana possession, meaning they face the life-ruining consequences of such an arrest.

Continuing to enforce New Hampshire's marijuana laws is also a monumental waste of tax dollars (at a likely $2.6 million per year to enforce possession laws), and they are enforced with a staggering racial bias. In 2020, Black people were 4.8 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession when compared to white people, despite similar usage rates.

HB1633 is the bill to legalize marijuana. The House, the Senate, and the Governor must work together to get this legislation to a place where it can actually be enacted this year. It is unacceptable to allow politics to get in the way and prevent legalization once again.

There's no time to wait – tell your state lawmakers to support HB 1633 and legalize marijuana in New Hampshire!

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As your constituent, I ask you to support HB 1633, the bill that would legalize marijuana for adults in New Hampshire.

Please support HB 1633 and vote to legalize marijuana.


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